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  1. Based on the copy you can find attached to this mail, his death was registered by the “Special Registry Office A”, a registry office established by the SS within the concentration camp The original death register is kept by the Staatsarchiv Hamburg (Public Record Office of Hamburg). We have received a copy of this document by the International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad Arolsen. … It records Paralysis Cordis and Enterocolitis as the cause of René-Ghislenus Janssens’ death on the 1st of February 1945, 10.00 am in Bremen. However this information should not be taken as trustworthy, because testimonies of survivors have clarified that the SS had a list of illnesses to put down as the cause of death in order to hide real causes like hunger, maltreatment and total exhaustion from the severe forced labor.

    The second attachment refers to our database. On the one hand it mentions his prisoner number probably to be “45004”. The number implies that he probably was transported to the Neuengamme concentration camp in September 1944. Knowing his place of death was in Bremen, it is relatively certain, that he was brought to the satellite camp Bremen-Schützenhof. You can find some further information on this camp with the following link: https://www.kz-gedenkstaette-neuengamme.de/en/history/satellite-camps/satellite-camps/bremen-schuetzenhof/. On the other hand it states that he was buried in the Riensberger cemetery first and his body later was transferred to the Osterholz cemetery in Bremen.

    Informatie ontvangen op 8 april 2020


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